Ajay Devgn is back, this time with a directorial debut. It’s Devgn’s most daring-film-to-date. It also stars Tabu and this is their 9th film together. The film has been styled as the story of a one-man army, set in one-night, fighting not one, but a multitude of enemies in various forms, human and otherwise. Ajay Devgn who is famous for his massy movie is now gearing up for his next titled ‘Bholaa’ which is set to release on 30th March, this movie is also his directorial debut.

In this poster release we see Ajay in a rather fierce and vindictive manner, what we also have is a voice conversing with him which appears to be that of a villainous character. He gives us a glimpse into the movie with the caption that read “One Chattan, Sau Shaitaan“, looks like Devgn is sure to be battling one too many demons in this one. Mainly, the drug lords as he fights the world to reunite with his daughter who he loves dearly. The wrath of a father is all set to come alive on screen in this adrenaline-thumping film.

Bholaa is a fighter on the outside and a protector on the inside. But most of all, he is fearless. Catch this film in March, not just in 2D, but also releasing in 3D.