Are you also someone like me who digs makeover shows? Then this is something you should get to watching. Magical Makeover By Neha, is a brainchild of Neha Mahajan and her husband. It goes something like this, every episode Neha gives one celebrity a makeover, and it doesn’t end there. A fan of the celebrity is also invited to feature on the show and they also get the makeover that the celebrity did. It sure is a fun spin to the makeover shows that I have seen in the past. Team of Miss Malini spoke to Neha about her show and we had some questions regarding this interesting show, here’s what she had to say…

She spoke about how the idea came through via her husband during Covid and how he supported her to make her dreams come true. And how getting celebrities on board was so overwhelming for her. But it is people who make celebrities what they are, so it was quite magical for her to watch a fan meet someone they admire so much and get a makeover with them. Some of the celebrities that featured on the show were Ashi Singh, Helly Shah, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, and many more.

We also asked her about her favourite memory from the show,

I guess everytime a new fan came to meet her favourite celebrity that were the best moments
because it was very overwhelming to see their reactions some cried with joy, some go numb, and
can’t say or express anything out of happiness, some shout and scream meeting us in person . So
overall it was a show full of memories .

On her association with MyGlamm, here is what she had to say,

My association with MyGlamm was amazing. Infact before the show Magical Makeovers by Neha, I did a masterclass and visited the store as well. Absolutely love the products and the wide range, there is something for everyone.

A lot of things can go wrong during a makeover session, however, Neha believes the best way to deal with it is not to panic but only think of the solution. You need to be creative in your thinking, there will be times when you plan and visualize something but practically it won’t apply so. That is when one needs to think of alternatives to execute the look in a better way.

She adds an example of Sumbul Touqueer‘s look that she worked on recently,

When I was creating Sumbul Touqueer’s look, I had planned a particular hairstyle. But I had to change it on spot because it wasn’t looking the way I wanted it to. It infact came out better once the final look was created. As for the photographs, the photographer had a different vision but I so knew what I wanted so within couple of minutes with the props available I created a whole new set with my art direction skills and the photographer was amazed. Now all of this only comes from experience of more than 100 celebrity shoots. Now I know what will work and how to make it work.

Makeovers By Neha

How could we not ask a makeup artist the 3 most important makeup tips that everyone needs to know that people usually get wrong? The most important one for her is choosing the right foundation shade, followed by always colour correcting in your under eye area. And lastly, the misconception that black kajal makes the eyes look bigger, she believes it is actually the nude kajal that makes the eyes pop.

When asked about 3 MyGlamm products she would recommend she said,

I’m totally in love with the MyGlamm liquid lipsticks. So one would definitely be the liquid lipsticks. Second would be the loose powder which is a 2 in 1 powder. One is a mattifying powder and other is a shimmer one. Third would be the 9 shades eyeshadow palettes. The shades are so usable as they look good on all skin shades and are extremely pigmented as well as easy to apply

Hope you catch this show online, and yes it is as exciting as it sounds. We also had questions about season 2, to which Neha confirmed that it is already in the works!