Want to take a peak into what happens when you put Ranveer Singh, Rohit Shetty, Pooja Hegde, Jacqueline Fernandez and Varun Sharma into a room? Well we’ve got you covered! The cast of Cirkus got in conversation with Shravan Shah, from the Miss Malini team about the film. They went over the madness they created, the bonds they shared with each other and so much more. Here’s all of that they had to say…

They start off with discussing the glorious career that Ranveer has had, and Shravan asks him if he ever thought, he would be where he is at the moment,

Everything that happens around me and in my life is beyond my wildest imagination. We were just talking about working under Rohit sir’s tutorage. In 2011, I had just started off and I put up a picture of his on my vison board so I could put in the energy and manifest it. That one day I’m going to do a movie with this guy.

They also spoke about how the Rohit Shetty Universe has become a genre in Indian households. Don’t you also feel how much film dialogues are a part of pop culture. They jump to how great the cast is, with iconic faces like Johnny Lever, Sanjay Mishra. Shravan then comments how he sees so much of Johnny sir in Varun, and there’s no doubt about that. Comedy is not an easy genre and not everyone can pull it off.

Ranveer pitches in about how he needs to connect to people he is working with,

I there is something I’ve learnt in 12 years of my career is that these things matter. If I am with someone in every frame of a film, then it is important that I build a certain synergy there.

This interview ended with a fun Bollywood game around movies, yes very predictable. But what a riot of laughter that was to watch the cast fight for their points. Watch the full interview below to catch the fun they had!