Tusshar Kapoor is back with his latest movie Maarrich, a nail-biting murder thriller. He is seen in a rather new avatar in his role as a cop on the lookout for a murderer. He not only dons the hats of an actor in the film, but also of the producer. It also stars Naseeruddin Shah, alongside, Seerat Kapoor, and Anita Hassanandani Reddy. While the film is set to release on 9th December, Nawaz Kochra from Team MissMalini spoke to Tusshar about the film and a lot more.

But before you read the interview, make sure you watch the trailer below:

On being asked what he looks for in films before signing them, Tusshar says,

It should be something that I would like to watch. And when I’m hearing the script I should find it entertaining, something that will keep me glued to my seat. Of course it should have the potential to be a good looking film. It should have a director that you get a good vibe from and also the team who I’m going to be working with, are they good people and will they give their best to this film. These are the things I look for.

He also shared his thoughts on juggling between being an actor and producer of a film, he said…

When I was acting I never used to bother about the production part of it so much. Because when acting, you need to keep your mind focused, or it will not look convincing. After pack up, I used to look into the production aspect of it. It was really stressful, not so much during the shooting; but even after when you have to get the movie released, get the post production done. All these things are very important. Production is a thankless job, because maximum number of problems happen with the producer. Which nobody comes to know about. Acting is more of a cakewalk compared to production.

He was also asked what he thinks has changed from his last film, to now where OTT has become such a big thing and he added,

I know it has been a while and people have taken some time to come back to the cinemas. In the last one month more people are going to cinemas to watch movies so I feel that habit has come back. Both of these things can coexist, but you cannot give that kind of stuff to people in the cinemas that are available on OTT. There has to be some commercial aspect to it, something magical or something that has an edge and makes people want to come watch the movie in cinemas. The audience is very selective now, so you have to be very smart and careful.

On being relevant in the age of OTT, Tusshar shares…

A lot of people who were not getting work in movies, they are getting a lot of work on OTT. But I think there was television earlier, and people got a lot of jobs because of it. Now people get jobs because of OTT. It is true that OTT has opened doors to huge number of people and it is a great way to keep ourselves busy and for films to come out, if you can’t release it in a theatre. So OTT is a great option. I feel there is new avenue, but cinema is cinema. The validation you get from it, the box office stamp, the idea of how many people have watched your movie and the love they’ve given to your movie, that can only come from cinema.

Talking about a moment that stayed with him from the shoot of Maarrich, he shared

One action sequence that we did over three nights, that was shot in the rain. I was battling with night shoot, action and rain. I will never forget it. It was quite hard, to finish that sequence over three nights.

I am sure this one will be a delight to watch, quite excited to see what Tusshar has to offer on the big screen. I wish him luck and success for the same. Make sure you hit the cinema to catch this one!