Cirkus is making waves around, with its quirky trailer that has so much going on. It has intrigued a lot of people with its theme – magic with the perfect blend of comedy. Coming from the universe of Rohit Shetty films, and starring Ranveer Singh as the lead – this is a recipe for some great madness on screen and I am all here for it. Adding to this madness, is another electrifying song ‘Current Laga Re’ that is out now, featuring none other than Deepika Padukone.

When the teaser of this song dropped, it took everyone by surprise as its starred Deepika, grooving to the song with none other than, Ranveer Singh. This duo that are usually seen together in sensual songs, truly turned things up this time with Ranveer’s massy steps and Deepika’s gorgeous moves. One thing’s for sure, it is the next party anthem this festive season. So don’t be surprised if this is the first song you hear in the new year, at your new year’s eve party.

With some really catchy beats, and unique hook steps, this song is sure to make you play it on repeat. The song also calls Deepika, the Queen of Entertainment and rightly so! No one who bedazzles the stage quite like her. Ranveer in his black outfit, while Deepika in pink, their chemistry in this video is electrifying and no one can deny that.

Cirkus directed by Rohit Shetty, with Ranveer Singh in a double role is set to hit the floors on 23rd December. Can’t wait to see what more this film has to offer, surely looks promising to me.