Saiee Manjrekar who has featured in films like Dabangg 3, Major, and many more is all set for her next. This comedy-drama, which also stars Guru Randhawa is surely going to be an exciting watch. In an exclusive interview with the team of MissMalini, she spoke about how excited she is for her next release titled Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay, the opportunities that OTT has to offer these days and so much more. Read to find out…

Now that you have 3-4 films out, is there still nervousness about a film releasing, or have you gotten used to that? 

Every film is a new experience for me, and I cannot wait for people to see it and experience it. And I think that excitement should really be there because that is what keeps me going.

Was there a deal breaker for you in terms of ‘Kuch Khatta Ho Jaaye,’ that you can share? Or something about the script that made you feel that you have to do this film?

The comic element was the first thing that caught my attention. That is something that I’ve never tried, and growing up I’ve heard that comedy is really hard to crack. So I really wanted to explore and see how I would do, and I am very glad that I did cause it was a challenge that I took up and really enjoyed every minute of it. A lot also goes to my character ‘Ira’ and how she has her own challenges and opinions and how her life changes and the whole graph of her character was really interesting to me. 

Today the content and film creation business is so amazing; with OTT also coming in, it is a good space to be an actor. Because there is so much variety of work happening. Since the concept of shelf life has gone away. What do you think about that?

I think with OTT there is so much opportunity and so much you can do with your craft and I think it is amazing because in some way we are always learning and we are always open to new things and there is always something you can do. And I am so glad that I took up acting in today’s day and age. But there is a side of the big screen that will always be there, and be required, even with OTT being present. I feel like there are some movies that I would only want to watch on the big screen and there are some movies and shows that I am okay with watching at home.

What is happening next, after ‘Kuch Khatta Ho Jaaye,’ what do we see Saiee doing?

There are a bunch of scripts that I am reading, very different from what I have done till now. I don’t know how much I can talk about it, but there is some really exciting stuff coming up!

Hoping to catch the trailer of Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay very soon. The makers haven’t put out a release date yet, but I am sure, this comedy-drama is here to steal some hearts. Check out the poster of the film below.