The day we’ve all eagerly been waiting for, is finally here. The Pathaan trailer is out, and I am sure you must have watched it already as the film has been the talk of the town this past month. Since the teaser came out, fans have been raving about Shah Rukh Khan‘s look. Not to miss out on the two songs that were released this past month, they have been absolute earworms. In Besharam Rang, we saw sizzling chemistry between Shah Rukh and Deepika Padukone, while Jhoome Jo Pathaan got us grooving to its beats. The makers tried their best to not put out the plot of the film before the trailer dropped.

If you haven’t watched it yet, check out the trailer below

Coming back to the trailer, that we’ve waited for all this while. It starts off with. Shah Rukh with his six-pack abs, assures you that this one is going to be action-packed. I absolutely cannot wait to watch this on the big screen, with some popcorn to munch on. It looks thrilling and is sure to keep me on the edge of my seat. But that is just me, here’s how Twitter reacted to the trailer.

Some just couldn’t get enough of the trailer, honestly nor could I!

While some raved over the iconic dialogues from Shah Rukh

Ram Charan also reposted the trailer and wished the Pathaan team all the luck for the release

Twitter couldn’t take its eyes off Deepika’s spy look in the film

This reaction sums up all the reactions Twitter had toward the trailer

Hoping to see the storm that the film has caused on the internet, translate to box office numbers. And I am certain that it will. Directed by Siddharth Anand, this film is set to hit the big screen on 25th January, make sure you book your tickets in advance. Because this action-packed film is sure to be a full house.