As a beauty writer, analyzing skincare trends and makeup forecast has to be one of the most joyous parts of my job. It brings with it a long flashback of the last year’s trends and much anticipation for what’s next? If you are a fellow skincare junkie, I’m sure you’d be ready to tap cards with the onset of a new year. Even though the swamping beauty bazaar might feel a bit like a gamble, we are always up for trying new products and following newer trends. Innovation in the beauty industry is frequently overwhelming with its inclusion of science, technology, and nature’s ingredients. As everyone went feral about skinification of makeup and loaded shelves with cult ingredients, it added a new dimension to healthy skin and meaningful beauty. Athiya Shetty, Ananya Panday, Mira Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and many more Bollywood A-listers embraced the healthy beauty trend with immersive yoga, herbal teas, and green plates.

With a deeper knowledge of skincare and an expanded vision, the beauty consumers have tuned themselves to a constant upgrade and upcycling of their beauty wagon. So what does 2023 have in store for us? Here’s what I predict to be surging upwards in the skincare space:

Source: Instagram @athiyashetty

Home Devices

It’s time we got our skincare tech-savvy, and I am not talking about running to dermats and treating your skin for hours. Home devices are sure to grab a spot in your cabinet with their everyday, easy and effective usage. Be it a microcurrent device that boosts collagen and improves the absorption of products or an LED light treatment to reduce inflammation and soften wrinkles and fine lines, the skin care segment will see its advancement towards home devices. While they have already earned their spot on the trending list- jade rollers and face-cleansing devices are bound to achieve more popularity. Moreover, cute-looking mini fridges for safekeeping skincare products will find their mark on many vanity tables.

Fermented Ingredients

The evolution of skincare recipes has seen a steady integration of many kitchen ingredients, from matcha and kombucha teas to watermelon and avocados, there has been a platter on serve. Next up in the queue is fermented ingredients these include rice water, fermented mushrooms, ginseng roots, birch sap juice, and some others that are processed in labs. Fermentation lends skincare benefits like antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, smoothened wrinkles, deeper absorption, and anti-bacterial aspects. Look out for these fermented labels for your next beauty stock-up!

Haircare And Bodycare With Active Ingredients

Once you incorporate actives in your regime and experience their impacting results, you would want them for treating body-specific skin issues too. Some common actives like hyaluronic, vitamin C, glycolic, retinol, and salicylic acid have made their way to hair and body care bottles. The skincare racks will be filling up with all sorts of skin-treating products. From a nourishing body serum to anti-acne spray or anti-aging lotions will garner all the due attention.

Source: Instagram @haileybeiber

Blue Tansy

The latest addition to the skincare vocabulary, Blue Tansy is a rare Moroccan flower which is a dynamic ingredient and something to look forward to. Its essential oil is packed with skin benefits like anti-inflammation, and anti-fungal that helps treat skin concerns promotes a clear complexion, and soothe fine lines and blemishes.

Reusable Masks

In the realm of sustainable and conscious beauty, the beloved face masks are getting revamped. The forehead anti-wrinkle masks, under eyes masks, and smile line masks, to name a few have been trending over social media selfies. Now, with being reusable and washable the masks are here to stay, and even better, they can be used with any serum as well.

Skincare trends constantly take the center stage in beauty, as its at the core of self-care, wellness, and makeup. with these and many more to come, I am eager to watch all the trends unfold.