Bring all your makeup and girlies together, we are hopping on tiktok’s current favourite and most fun beauty trends. Be it your ‘for you page’ or a beauty website, the scroll down has no end. From fancy fads to life-saving hacks and celebrity recs, the virtual beauty space constantly floods our feeds. Keeping a tab of multiple labeled trends becomes a fuzzy task and calls for an uncluttered ‘to-do’ list. Whether its a resurgence of a matte makeup like Tara Sutaria’s or a dye job maneuvered by the cosmos, we have handpicked the top three beauty trends that are creating buzz over the social media.

Cloud Skin

Source: Instagram @tarasutaria

A fluffy-hazy white cloud floats through the clear sky with a faint radiance of sun rays from within- that’s how I imagine the cloud skin concept, so dreamy right? While it’s not something especially new, it’s a balanced blend of glow skin with a matte finish. Essentially it requires a dewy glow from within, set by loose powder which has a stretched longevity and a cleaner, softer appearance. To achieve this glam version of matte makeup, prep your skin with a pearly, hydrating primer or an illuminizer. For a diffused look, use a creamy contour and blush, top it with a semi-matte foundation and finally dab some setting powder to maintain the optimal dewy-soft matte look.

Mermaid Skin

Source: Instagram @haileybeiber

A more updated version of what was touted as ‘Hailey Beiber’s glazed donut skin’, the Mermaid skin beauty trend emerges as an ultra-glossy, wet makeup with an even more drenched and dewy look. Inspired from the sparkly sea and a shimmery iridescence of enchanted mermaids, this trend will leave your skin glimmering in ocean’s dew. You can get this look by using creamy products infused with fine sparkle. The makeup is supposed to look naturally gleaming and not chunky. Start off with a hydrating serum, followed by shimmery primer and glow drops. A creamy highlighter on focal points and gloss on lids and lips will maximize the wet look that you desire.

Gemini Hair

Source: Instagram @kehlani
Source: Instagram @sexyhair

Drawing inspiration from Gemini’s dual-nature, this hair dye trend embraces a dual toned job. Also called as the ‘split-hair’ that gives you the best of both worlds, the trend is taking off. When you cannot choose between the two, ask your salon to cook up both the colours and paint your hair. Whether you like an evident split, a play of intertwined strands or vibrant dips, the season of Gemini hair is just the time to get your hair a revamp.