Pathaan has been creating waves all over the world, not only since its release but even prior to it. Shah Rukh Khan‘s return to the big screen has been a resounding success and is still ongoing. But that’s not all, he also brought along another one of the Khans to his film. The bromance between Salman Khan and Shah Rukh

While watching Pathaan, watching Salman and Shah Rukh onscreen together was something I thoroughly enjoyed. His cameo as Tiger, in one of the most crucial scenes, got everyone hooting with joy. This onscreen bromance is surely one for the books. The scene of them sitting on a broken bridge after an intense fight scene truly brought back the Karan Arjun days. Pathaan with his mischievous personality and Tiger with his cool cat character won many hearts in the film.

The twitteratis showered their love on this duo, check that out below…

I think it is high time the two do a full-fledged film as the two leads. I would surely pay a million bucks to watch that, and moreover, I am sure Bollywood deserves it.