With all the rage that Pathaan has become these days, I feel safe to be on the side who have watched the film. Safe, because I don’t have any unwanted spoilers from the film coming my way. But I am also happy because main ne Pathaan ki mehmaan nawazi ka lutf uthaya hai that too on the big screen. So if you have already watched Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and John Abraham‘s spy thriller, hey there! In case, you haven’t watched it, too bad, have you ever wondered how will society accept you? Won’t you feel canceled at a party when you don’t understand a Pathaan reference or know what the Rakht Beej is all about? Well, for those who haven’t made their little contribution to Pathaan’s almost 600 crores box office collection, I have a little punishment for you. It’s called SPOILERS!

Yes, you had enough time to watch this amazing film and if you didn’t then no one can help you now from these spoilers coming your way. So let me tell you if you read any further, then it’s on you, for, I am going to be that person who will give you some more intricate details that make Pathaan an experience to watch on the big screen!

1. The Section 370 angle

Yes, the major crux of the story has been built on the entire issue of Section 370 which gave Kashmir a special status, being revoked in 2019. This decision by the Government of India angers certain authorities in Pakistan and they decide to destroy the nation. And who better to help them than the terrorist organization called Outfit X which is owned by John who plays Jim. But hey, every baddie has a story and so does Jim…

2. John is an ex-RAW agent

You must have always heard that no one is born to be a bad person, it is situations that make someone bad. That also happened with poor Jim in the film. He was a RAW agent who by the way worked with Kabir (Hrithik Roshan from WAR) but later went rogue. What made Jim decide to destroy India was the loss of a loved one. Honestly, Jim’s back story in Pathaan gave me major Main Hoon Na vibes. Yes, he and his pregnant wife are taken hostage by a terrorist organization in a foreign land. When the captors demand 10 crores from Colonel Luthra, he doesn’t sanction it, and in this Jim loses his wife and his unborn child turning him against his own country.

3. Deepika is an ISI agent who is helping Outfit X

Yes, Deepika’s character of Rubina Mohsin is pretty layered for she is an agent in disguise who is secretly working for John and his Outfit X. All payments to the organization are being made through her accounts and to play innocent (of course to lure Pathaan to meet them), she lays a trap and poses like she isn’t aware of details like these. Pathaan falls in the trap and goes to meet her in Spain only to realize that it was Jim’s doing in getting him there. Right then…

4. John’s white shorts scene brings Dostana feels

Anybody who has watched Dostana can envision at anytime a hot bod John walking out of the water in his yellow undies, flaunting a little of his butt. Well, there is a similar scene in Pathaan where he walks in white shorts giving major deja vu from his entry scene in Dostana. There is also a scene where Jim talks about Tiger and Zoya making me wonder if there is some hint being dropped.

5. Did you know? Aamir Khan’s sister Nikhat Khan is also in the film

Yes, Aamir’s sister Nikhat plays SRK’s namesake mother in Pathaan. In fact, she is the one who names him Pathaan in Afghanistan, and that scene is something I must say. It looks so beautiful and is so impactful that it will leave an imprint in your mind.

6. The scene after Besharam Rang is yet another highlight

So right after Pathaan is fallen into the trap to meet Rubina, followed, by Besharam Rang on 70 mm, there is a scene where she lures him to meet Jim and that scene gives us major Race 2 vibes. If you don’t remember, John and Deepika played siblings in Race 2. Right then there is also a fight sequence of Deepika that will take you back to her action-packed avatar from Chandni Chowk To China.

7. The curious case of Rakht Beej

One important element in the film is Rakht Beej that everyone is talking about. And while Pathaan has only read about it once on the darknet, he too is clueless about its powers. But later in the story, he learns from Rubina what it is and where is it situated. This Rakht Beej is a green liquid that is deadlier than a nuclear weapon sits in a secured vault in Moscow in an apartment on the 92nd floor. And trust me when I say Rakht Beej is deadly AF!

8. SRK’s Kkkkkkiran moment

On learning about this Rakht Beej, SRK and Deepika plan to break into the apartment where the vault is and they need the fingerprints of Grigor and Karen to open the vault. Obviously, they succeed, but while they are at it, Karen wakes up for a moment and that is the moment when Pathaan sings to her Jaadu teri nazar….tu hai meri Kkkkkkkkaren. (haha!)

9. Rubina is a bad girl

I was so heartbroken to see how Rubina duped Pathaan to acquire the Rakht Beej and later leaves him locked up in that vault. Yes, she keeps tricking Pathaan in the film every now and then, but eventually helps him too when she learns the entire truth. But when she leaves him back in that vault, poor Pathaan ends up in the black prison in Russia. But that’s also the good part…

10. Enter Tiger aka Salman Khan

While Pathaan is in jail, Dimple Kapadia who is his superior comes to meet him and secretly informs him that someone is going to help rescue him. Russians on the other hand have a plan, which is to murder Pathaan while transporting him on a train. But they didn’t know there was a Tiger in the woods awaiting them. Just when other prisoners are about to end Pathaan’s life, Salman Khan aka Tiger comes to his rescue and saves him. Yay!!!

11. Jim’s plan is revealed

So, here’s the dark truth about the Rakht Beej and how Jim plans to use it. Rubina tells Pathaan how smallpox was eradicated from India years ago and is about to return in a genetically modified mutated version that Jim has been creating with the scientists he gets kidnapped at the start of the film. And this mutated version will be left through a missile that will land in an Indian city. Jim stores this mutation in two metallic orbs that work with a detonator that Jim possesses. Rubina and Pathaan manage to steal those orbs and Rubina gets arrested. But when the orbs are opened once again they are fooled because all it contains is water, but its third layer contains the virus that kills Dimple and other groups of scientists.

12. Pathaan to the rescue

Well, of course, burai par acchai ki jeet honi hai! That’s when the climax happens with a fight between Jim and Pathaan. Pathaan manages to get the detonator from Jim and kills him. He diffuses the orbs seconds before they can cause havoc, and saves the passengers whose flight to Delhi contains those orbs that were going to leak the virus. Well, then what? It’s Jhoome Jo Pathaan time and we all dance along!

13. Tiger and Pathaan drop a hint

Well, there is a post-credit scene where Tiger and Pathaan are talking about who would replace them as age catches up to them. But even though there are young contenders, they arrive at a conclusion that neither in YRF’s spy-verse nor in the real world can anyone take their place. So yes, NO ONE can replace Pathaan or Tiger and I couldn’t agree more.

I told you to read this at your own risk, but now that you know most of the story, you can also thank me, for you can finally fit in this Pathaan-blessed world.