Shamita Shetty who is often known to be strong-headed and raise her voice on issues spoke to the Team of MissMalini about her latest film The Tenant. The film in a very sensitive manner highlights the issues women face when they chose to live alone, and the judgments society passes on them. As someone who was part of Bigg Boss Season, she always stood for the right and took things head on, and we see her do the same in her latest film.

Watch the trailer below…

Here’s what she had to say about what drew her to choose this script

I loved it. I thought it was a story that needed to be told because it is definitely a reflection of the society we live in. Where a lot of women have to face a lot of patriarchal standards, constant judgment, lack of privacy, and sexism. The film in many ways mirrors a lot of these issues that single women have to face out there. That was my reason to go ahead and do this film.

And here’s what she sees in scripts, that makes her say yes to a role

I usually go with my instinct. If there is something inside of me that gets excited automatically, you just know. For example, this character is a well-etched character, I like stuff that is challenging. I do not like the run-of-mill kind of characters. I like meaty characters that I can work on, stuff that pushes me out of my comfort zone has always excited me.

She also spoke about the judgment she faces in real life, like her character does in the film

I am constantly facing a certain amount of judgment like every woman is. You’ve got people judging your every action sometimes, and why you say certain things, or a facial expression to what you’ve worn. So it is not very nice.

We also discussed the importance of representing women-centric characters on screen, to which she added..

I am actually very glad. It is a great time for actresses because of OTT platforms, there is so much new content and string characters that are being offered to actresses. So I am very happy with this change. And there are some stories that need to be told, that inspire people and inspire women and make them want to bring about a change. And I think these stories need to be told.

From Mohabbatein to her latest film, here’s a change that Shamita has seen over the years

I would say that a lot of people are now speaking up. Even in terms of the work that is being churned out, it is very different from what was being made in the past. Because obviously, people’s demands have changed. And I am glad about that.

Can’t wait to catch her film The Tenant on 10 February, I hope you do too!