I have been very amazed to see the amazing newcomers that have been entering Bollywood lately. However, there seems to be one mystery girl who has caught the attention of not just the audience, but even of many other Bollywood superstars. While I am sending off my little birds to dig up more information on her, so far, there is not much I know. The little buzz though is that this girl is making huge waves with her charm and charisma. In fact, she also has a great voice that people cannot get enough of. Her voice is her USP and makes lots of people fall for her.

While many big Bollywood actors and filmmakers are going gaga over her, there are speculations that she might make her film debut in the next few months. Though not much is known about her personal life or professional life, her official launch is what some people are eagerly waiting for. Honestly, you and I have to wait and watch to know who this girl is, and we never know if she might be this industry’s new dream girl after Hema Malini and Deepika Padukone.

Stay tuned till I get you more updates on this front, but trust me, this girl will leave your mind blown not just with her looks but with her voice too.