Chandan Roy Sanyal has always wowed the audience with his acting and now is all set to wield the megaphone for his next, The Playback Singer, alongside essaying one of the lead roles. He will not only be acting in this film, but also directing it. Anupriya Goenka of Padmaavat, Criminal Justice & Aashram fame, and Nidhi Singh joins Chandan as a part of the cast.

Speaking about The Playback Singer, Actor & Director Chandan Roy Sanyal said,

This project has been in my head for years and then been on papers for another few. It is very close to my heart and I wanted to see it crystal clear in my mind first till I was convinced. It’s a period piece so the pre-production is very heavy, it is very research led. I have a very strong technical team in place to make this flawless. When I narrated the story to Pankaj and Devansh from Lonestar they totally backed me on the research aspect. This one is a labour of love and it will be served with a lot of warmth

Set in Patna, The Playback Singer is a musical period romance that will see the journey of three characters and their struggles. The film is a nostalgic and innovative tale about a girl and her melodious world that drives her aspiration, the man she loves, the friends she makes for life, the songs that make her an icon, and the twists of fate that eventually defines her life.

The film is set to be out in the second half of the year.