She’s given us some of the biggest hits in the first half of this year itself, with songs like Tere Pyaar Mein, Chedkhaniya, and Munda Sona. She started her career with Pritam, continues to work with him, and giving us some of the biggest commercial hits. The team of MissMalini got into an exclusive conversation with Nikhita Gandhi, about the success of her songs and what goes behind it all. Read on to find out.

We asked her about her recent hits from Shehzada and Tu Jhoot, Mein Makkaar

I didn’t expect so many of my songs to release this early on in the year. Munda Sona and Chedkhaniya from Shehzada and Tere Pyaar Mein from Tu Jhooti Main Makkaar. And all three are Pritam songs, and it was quite unexpected to have 3 Pritam songs in the first month of the year. I’ve honestly been so excited, I’ve started my Bollywood career with him. And all of these are doing well, especially Tere Pyaar Mein. Anywhere I get tagged on, when people make reels, in general in my feed also it keeps coming up.

Here’s what she had to say about working with Pritam, and has anything changed over the years

When it comes to working with him, I don’t think much has changed. I have a very close association with his entire team, some of them were friends of mine before I even worked with Pritam. It just bloomed into artists who are working in the same network, some people I’ve become friends with, wonderful musicians, and engineers. I’m almost like a ghar ki murgi. When I go there, no one has to be formal and be like what time will you be there, I know who to call and find out if I should come on time or late. It is very casual, and a very open association with them. Because they are all people that I know, and these are also people who end up coming to my house on my birthday, that is how close we are. Truly a very nice family environment to work with Pritam Da. There are so many more songs spread over between the latest one and Raabta, over the last 3-4 years which are also Pritam da songs that I’ve sung.

Working with Badshah on Jugnu and producing some of the most commercially hit songs is something we dug deeper into with her, here’s what she had to say

I think the secret you should ask Badshah. He is a super cool person, very chill. I love that he casts people who have the ability to give their flavour. When we worked on bad boy, bad girl, I actually sent him the dub from my home studio and we hadn’t even met. We just spoke on the phone and then I sent it to him. He doesn’t live here, he came here and then we jammed on Bad Boy, and we recorded Jugnu the same day. It is really fun to work with him.

Nikhita recently performed live alongside Farhan Akhtar and has been touring, she shares her experience on the same

I did the Yaaree Jam fest, in which Farhan and I did two shows back to back. I did show up during his sets as well, it was really fun to share the stage with him. He’s a really fun person and I’d love to do more shows with him. He’s got such an energetic presence on stage. It is so fun that I get to work on so many artists. Ofcourse it is fun to do my own gigs, but it is equally fun to share a stage with somebody and exchange energies.

Here’s what she had to add regarding her future projects,

I am working on a single, that will release by the end of March. There are a lot of singles I want to release through the year. Playback is just an aspect of my personality.

I am surely looking forward to some of her singles this coming year and waiting to see how she surprises us with some of her hits.