Shravan Shah from the Team of MissMalini, in conversation with the dynamic duo – Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey spoke about their upcoming show Junooniyat that they have produced and much more. Find out a little bit more about the power couple that these two are, and how they support each other’s dreams. Read on to find out more…

Shravan started off by asking the two a rather interesting question, whether they have gotten used to getting successful or does it by the way happen, to which Ravi said,

I wish I get used to it, we want to get used to it so that it just keeps coming naturally. But at the same time, you know just kind of raise that level of gratitude in your life a little bit more every time and exponentially so, not a little bit more but I think we are just very grateful and even if things sometimes don’t go exactly as you plan. Maine bachpan mein ek baat suni hai, mann ka ho toh accha, na ho toh aur bhi accha, there is always some victory somewhere.

Being the power couple that they are, one needs to know the secret of how they manage to keep each other grounded but also be the wind under each other’s wings

I think if you can find that little bit of selflessness in you when you’re looking at your spouse and your intention is to see you know that person in your life really fly higher and higher you stay grounded. And as far as the offline is concerned it’s taken care of in your partner’s prayers. So you don’t really have to worry about it, you kind of stay on the ground and your head’s in the cloud all the time.

Ravi Dubey

You know I think people think that we say it because we are in interviews or while we’re receiving Awards but genuinely I say that like even to my mom or to my dad you know I just say like that their contribution in my life is the best but I didn’t know what I could do till the time Ravi came into my life. You know your parents raise you, they take you to a pedestal, and then you’re out in the open and they are guiding you. But then there’s this one person who comes along who tells you that you’re perfect, there is nothing that you cannot do. Like if I come to him and say Ravi this is what I want to do, he’ll be like ‘Yeah great do it, you’ll be amazing at it. You’re genuinely going kill it’, he genuinely believes that I can do anything. He’s never made a circle and said this is a boundary, and I think that’s what makes you fly. When you don’t have a boundary and you need a partner who’s constantly there saying, ‘do it, I’m here’. And I think I’m also trying to be that for him but I don’t think I can be half as good. When you say ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ he is the ‘wings’ and the ‘wind.’

Sargun Mehta

They also discussed the first look of Farradday, which Ravi dropped on his Instagram very recently, to which Ravi added…

It is releasing in 2023, December. We have just kind of we’ve shot a really really small portion in Glasgow and we’ve just kind of finished the scripting and of course the script is always a work in progress even after you have actually filmed and all of that. But I wouldn’t say that we have any conventional approach in mind when it comes to this film, it’s more of a passion project for me and the team and even Sargun. So it’s just a kind of homage or kind of a tribute to the filmmakers that have kind of designed the way we look at Cinema. A tribute to Japanese and Korean Cinema and retaining the very core Indian Cinema values. But right now, what we’ve got to show, is the poster and I’m glad that everybody is responding well to it.

The conversation then moved to ask Sargun if there is a specific role she wants to do or a genre she wants to tap into, here’s what she had to say about that

There is no specific role, I genuinely want to be good at everything. I keep telling Ravi that now I want to get better at comedy because I love doing it, I love watching those films and I’m doing a lot of it yeah you know you want to keep getting better at what you’re doing. And I think with time and exercise I’m going to get there. I think I experimented a bit with the Katputli because that was something unexpected of me. And I really enjoyed it I did I genuinely had a lot of fun doing it.

Ravi also expressed his admiration for Amitabh Bachchan when asked about what film remake he’d like to be part of

I am a die-hard fan of Mr. Bachchan, and this love is beyond him just being an actor. Actually all of Kamal Sir’s films also I would love to do. I think he’s also certainly one of the very few actors in India who has truly pushed the envelope with everything he’s done. I think when we did not know anything about prosthetics, he was the one who got it into the country so there are these few actors. They are the ones who motivate you to stay in the industry and stay afloat. Then there is also Shahrukh Khan. These people that you know, there’s a fire and power in their belly that kind of inspires many people.

Catch their show Junooniyat on Colours, which also stars some of my favourites, Ankit Gupta and Gautam Singh Vig.