I still remember the first time when Selfiee was announced, Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi went around the city posing at several locations. Sometime later, more glimpses dropped in and I got very interested to know what this Hindi remake of the Malayalam film Driving License had to offer. Then I saw the song Main Khiladi and was quite hopeful to see a fun film. Well, sadly Selfiee wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be, the 143 minutes long film has its sweet moments, but there are also a lot many issues. From several illogical points to showcasing the media in a funny way, Selfiee brought a lot of questions to my mind.

But before I share my thoughts on the same, watch the film’s trailer here:

Here are 35 thoughts I had while watching the Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi film:

  1. Wow, I love the vibe of the film
  2. I love the bond Om Prakash shares with his son
  3. Jabra fan feels 101, from Emraan Hashmi aka Om Prakash Agarwal
  4. What an entry Akshay Kumar!
  5. Haha! Adah Sharma that scene was cute…
  6. Okay then pricey superstar Vijay Kumar
  7. Uh-Oh, don’t worry Akshay and Diana all will be well with your surrogate
  8. Oops, the superstar doesn’t have a driving license…
  9. Local municipal corporator to the rescue…
  10. Wow, she actually managed to fix the meeting between Vijay and his biggest fan Om Prakash.
  11. How sweet are all these preparations, but wait who called the media?
  12. Oh no, the meeting didn’t go so well, insulting a father in front of his son is not cool Vijay…
  13. Woah! Supercop Om Prakash shows the star his place
  14. And they have locked horns, its Superfan v/s Superstar
  15. Om Prakash has become a national hero, but why isn’t he happy?
  16. Ouch, his house is attacked and his son is hurt, now Om Prakash is even angrier
  17. It’s game on, between Emraan and Akshay now.
  18. OMG! There is a complication with Naina and Vijay’s surrogate in America…
  19. But waiting to get the driving license is more important
  20. Here comes the challenge from an upset Om Prakash whose son is injured
  21. Big media circus to the rescue, #BoycottBollywood, #BanVijayKumar is the hottest topic on news channels, wow!
  22. Challenge accepted, now Vijay will earn the license following all the ‘kaidaas and kanoons’
  23. Following a procedure to gain a driving license has become a national issue, hail TRP game, RIP logic…
  24. WHAT? Really, schools are not teaching anymore but showing the kids TV where Vijay Kumar is taking a learner’s test…so important, right?
  25. Om Prakash is not ready to cave in, while Vijay in all his swagger has invited a crowd of thousands of people to watch him pass the test…where do these rules exist?
  26. Okay, technicalities become a hurdle now, will Vijay pass the test?
  27. Om Prakash and Vijay keep hitting back at each other with sassy comebacks, but wait I know this is heading to a happy ending…
  28. Ouch! Akshay gives in and says he will never drive again, also announces that he is becoming a father and wants to fly to America ASAP (thank god, you don’t need a license for that)
  29. Om Prakash is on a guilt trip, meanwhile, the mob attacks him…wow, a public servant is being beaten up for a superstar, really now?
  30. Ok, Vijay is a good person, he rescues Om Prakash from the crowd and takes him to his car
  31. They exchange some pleasantries, FINALLY!!!
  32. And, finally, the most awaited SELFIE happens…
  33. Everything gets solved by now, the stone-pelting culprit was actually Vijay’s old friend and arch-rival Surya Diwan.
  34. The person who called the media at Vijay’s first visit to the RTO was the corporator, and it all ends well, Vijay and Om Prakash are now friends. Happy ending, yayy!
  35. It’s Main Khiladi time, and this is the most enjoyable part of the film for me.

Yes, I do have to give kudos to the dialogues in the film, they are quite well-written. As for the story, it’s an interesting and complex one but can have subjective views. Selfiee also stars Nushratt Bharuccha and Diana Penty. The film is directed by Raj Mehta and produced by Dharma Productions, Magic Frames, Prithviraj Productions, Cape of Good Films, and Star Studios. In all honesty, I would say that Selfiee is worth a one-time watch for the masses.

MM Verdict: 2.5 stars out of 5