The fashionable avatar of Deepika Padukone in Pathaan, Rubina, has been the town’s talk ever since its trailer’s release. Then Besharam Rang came and everyone was stunned by her avatar in a yellow bikini. And as soon as the film hit the theatres, fans were left wonder-stuck by her demeanour in the film. Her effortless screen presence made her stand tall like a real alpha woman as she pulled the eyeballs to her smouldering physique and style in the movie.

Here are my favourite looks of Deepika as Rubina, from the blockbuster Pathaan.

1. The Statement Bodysuit

Deepika Padukone's Black body suit

Deepika Padukone in this black body suit looked absolutely stunning. It was hard to take our eyes off her long enchanting legs as she paired them with black dancing shorts, black boots and a tall persona that only amplified even more when we watched her on the big screen. Her statement-making puff shoulder with a long net cape was the attention stealer.

2. The Yellow Monokini

Deepika Padukone's Yellow Monokini

Flaunting her immaculate body by the pool, Deepika absolutely stole my heart with this one. The monokini is bright and trendy, something that seems to be a favourite among Gen Z.

3. The Orange and White Two-Piece

Deepika Padukone's orange & white bikini

Looking hot in an intense fight scene, who would know this better than Deepika? She slayed the scene with not just her stunts, but also with her look in an orange skirt and white bikini top with snake earrings dangling on the ears.

4. The Solid Black Crop Zipper

Deepika Padukone's  Solid Black Crop Zipper

Even in a vulnerable scene with Pathaan, Rubina had her fashion game on. Deepika looks sleek, poised yet calm before the storm with this zip-lined deep neck top, styled with a sleek necklace. Hair tied into a ponytail with slight makeup, everything about this look only made her look enticing. The sleek necklace definitely added the perfect oomph to this outfit.

5. The Cut-out Leather Suit

Deepika Padukone's Cut-out Leather Suit

Deepika looked like a complete power package, easy on the eyes and extremely hot throughout the film but this particular outfit of hers where she donned a black leather suit from top to bottom with a cut-out top, was an incredible choice. For somebody as lean as her, this body suit focused on her curves and her tall body type which made her action figure even more defined.

If you’re looking to make femme fatale your vibe, this is where you need to take inspiration from.