Looking for a podcast to inspire you while you go about your day? I’ve got the perfect one for you. Priyanka Gill the co-founder of Good Glamm Group, is spearheading a podcast with Spotify. ‘Dream Launch Scale’ is a Spotify exclusive, with a new episode released every Thursday. There is a new guest every episode, that shares their inspiring life stories, of building brands and businesses, and what made them what they are today. Priyanka Gill has been part of the entrepreneur world for over a decade now. She founded POPxo, a digital media company in 2014, and then went on to start Plixxo, an influencer marketing company in 2018, ever since then; the sky has been her limit. It was very exciting to see her get candid with her guests, as they shared stories about their lives that not many know. She kickstarted her series of podcasts with Malini Agarwal, who took us through her journey from working as a backup dancer to a sensation that she is in the digital space and how MissMalini came to be. Join them as they share their tips and tricks to navigate the big wide world.

You’ve heard of MissMalini, but how, much do you know about her? Here are 7 interesting revelations that MissMalini made on this podcast, that took me by surprise. Read on to find out…

1. She joined a dance group in college, where she met her choreographer Ronika Jacob who recruited her and that was her first job straight out of college. She went on to be a back dancer for Sukhbir and various pop stars for the next six years. Which she says, set the ball rolling.

2. Growing up when she worked as a backup dancer at MTV and she thought of it as a cool job. She always wanted to become a VJ, but when she auditioned, she realised that it isn’t just about, the skill, they were also looking for a model. And now she says, content creators don’t have to look apart or be a certain way to figure.

3. When a company she was working at shut down, the writers were moved to the MTV office. She then was given the opportunity to write promos, and then eventually wrote VJ Nikhil’s scripts. It was she who invented his iconic red chaddi joke.

4. The radio she worked at after quitting her job MTV, was by Midday, which gave her a gossip column to write. She started writing about Mumbai’s nightlife, and gossip. Her friend later recommend she start her own blog, and on May 5th 2008, she wrote her first blog.

5. On a random Tuesday night, her friends and her were at a restaurant and at 2 am the lights came on because Salman Khan had walked in. He asked the bartenders to not take anyone’s credit cards because he was paying for everyone and started popping champagne. Malini who had then had her old Nikon camera on her clicked a picture and posted it the same night. And that’s how the paparazzi culture in India began.

6. She also mentions how her friend, was on a flight, in the same row as Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor, and happened to mention that Katrina was with her boyfriend on the flight. Her friend could not recall his face, so they sat down and googled faces and upon realising it was Ranbir she broke the news on her website. That is when people started believing that her website had reliable information about Bollywood.

7. She talks about her first Shah Rukh Khan interview, after his film Happy New Year, where he was doing interviews all day. Her interview was scheduled for 7 pm, and they were just so busy, and her turn came at 4 am. Everyone asked whether they should leave, to which she said no, it was her first Shah Rukh interview after all. She wanted to create a fun environment, so she went with cupcakes and did a fun round of games.

She leaves us with an interesting note that she made to herself after an incident with Ranbir, to never put up anything that you cannot say to their face. There is a lot more in store for you to learn in Priyanka Gill’s podcast, make you catch it on Spotify, click on the link below.