From store shelves to kitchen racks, let’s make our skincare wholesome and thoughtful by not only providing and treating the skin from top but also from within. With beauty comes wellness, served as a bowl of smoothie or a detox juice- it’s a one pot prep to get you the assorted blend your gut and skin needs. The veggies and fruits being rich in nutrients and having antioxidant properties are a diet essential and can be easily consumed when squeezed into a juice or crushed into a smoothie. Superfoods not only provide nutrition, they also drive out toxins and clear our gut for an even more healthy process. Our moms and grandmoms did not insist on an all inclusive, wellness oriented diet for nothing! All the beneficiary properties amount to a whole lot of goodness and glowing skin that reflects your inner health. With summer upon us, Kriti Sanon is setting major goals for a happy glow this season, here are five pantry recipes to try and treat your skin with:

Source: Instagram @kritisanon

The ABC juice- Apple, Beetroot & Carrot

Skin Fuel With Pineapple, Spinach & Bananas

Almond Milk Smoothie With Chia Seeds

Corriander-Cumin-Fennel Tea

Clear Skin Juice

Align your skincare routine with a healthy diet, infused with gut essentials to prevent acne, seasonal allergies and make room for nutrients. Start off with a basic routine by incorporating one healthy bowl or glass to your diet- twice or thrice a week, while avoiding the unhealthy food options. With purifies blood and sufficient amount of water intake, the body remains healthy and emits a natural glow.