Don’t we all have a million questions for all the contestants of Bigg Boss 16? Well, some of them may just have been answered for you. MissMalini got candid in her latest interview with Tina Datta, who has surely won a lot of hearts with the zeal that she played the game. She makes some interesting revelations about her Bigg Boss journey, read on to find out!

Here are 5 revelations Tina Datta made in this interview…

1. She revealed how the first few days were slow inside the house. Since you do not know how you are supposed to spend your 24 hours, and how much you are supposed to talk to people. And also how difficult it is to pass time, especially when you do not have sunlight coming in you do know what your meal time should be.

2. She also states how she never wanted to be a part of Bigg Boss. Her reason for that is that it is not easy to spend three months inside the house without your friends and family. She also tells us that it was her closest friends who told her that you are a survivor, and you can do it.

3. When Malini asked her whether she watches Bigg Boss now that she is out of the house, revealed that she does not watch it and how she has put an end to that chapter of her life once the finale was done.

4. She also revealed that it was Shalin Bhanot’s aggressiveness that put her off, and accepts that she regrets saying ‘Oh I’m going to fall in love with you’ to Shalin, inside the house. And later on, decided to draw a boundary and not be friends with him.

5. In the Rapid Fire game towards the end of the episode, Malini asks the one thing that she does not like about Bigg Boss, to which she responds that she does not like how the narratives are twisted inside the house.

There’s a lot more in store for you, check out the video below to find out…