Pia Bajpiee has starred in various films down south, and also featured in one of the cult favourites of Indian Cinema, Laal Rang, alongside Randeep Hooda. Her latest film Lost with Yami Gautam, has been quite a hit as Film Companion rated it as the 5th most watched series in the last week of February with over 2.5 million views. In an exclusive conversation with the Team Miss Malini, she shared with us why she chose this intense role in Lost, what prep she had to undergo for this role, and a lot more. Read on to find out…

We started off by asking her how did you prepare for a role like this in Lost

My director, Aniruddh. The first time i met him, he told me not to act, and i was very confused. Is he saying this because he got to know that I’m not a good actor, or is he saying it because he does not want me to perform anything. So he told me I dont want any of my actors to act, just be in character. Act as natural as you can. I don’t want any expression that you will not do in real life. In the name of preparation all we had were workshops where I met Rahul Khanna. With me, I am a hardcore director’s actor, I follow my director. No one knows the character like the director or the the writer.

We also dug deeper into how her audience down south reacted to this character,

There’s always a positive reaction from my audience down south as well. In today’s time, the lines are blurred as to who consumes what content. So they definitely loved it.

Now that the makers have reprised Laal Rang 2, here’s what she had to say about that

I used to always joke about and say that I should also get films where parts 2 and 3 are also made. I was so happy when I came to know that they are making Laal Rang 2. Because then the film feels like a bonus, you didn’t have to do anything for it. It is going to be better than Laal Rang part 1.

As for her future projects, here’s what she had to say about those

Honestly, I’ll tell you, I believe in living in the present. That is what Covid has taught me. I don’t know if I may wake up tomorrow or not. Lost came to me at a time when I stopped planning. My attitude was whatever has to come will come, if it does not, it is okay.

You should not miss her out in action, in her latest film Lost which is now streaming on Zee5. Catch the trailer of the film below…