Trending at number two on Netflix India, this show has taken the internet by storm. Take a look back at the iconic films made by Yash Chopra and the legacy Aditya Chopra carried forward. It is everything Bollywood, or should I call it the Hindi Cinema Industry. As a Bollywood fanatic, this was a treat to watch it on the day of its release, Valentine’s Day. The Romantics has been directed by Oscar & Emmy-nominated filmmaker Smriti Mundhra, who returns to Netflix after the phenomenal success of Indian Matchmaking and the Never Have I Ever franchise.

Check out the trailer below…

The national over-pouring of love for Yash Chopra and YRF was evident as The Romantics became the Number 1 trending title on Netflix within 48 hours of its drop, a rare feat for a documentary. Filmmaker Smriti also said that the success of Pathaan made Bollywood bounce back and silenced those propagating the idea that the Hindi film industry and its stars have been boycotted by people.

Here’s what she had to say,

After a dark period defined by bad faith attacks and global uncertainty around the theatrical business, it is amazing to see audiences embracing Bollywood again. It proves that our love for the movies never went away, and people are rejecting the cynicism and divisiveness of movements like #BoycottBollywood.

Pathaan has definitely brought back life into Bollywood with the entertainer it was, with a star-studded cast of Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Dimple Kapadia and the one and only, Salman Khan! Netflix in this documentary celebrated the love Bollywood has received, not just back home, but globally.

From Aamir Khan to Salman Khan, from Shah Rukh Khan to Ranbir Kapoor, from Amitabh Bachchan to Ranveer Singh, from Rani Mukerji to Hrithik Roshan, from Katrina Kaif to Anushka Sharma, the mega-stars and icons of Hindi cinema have come together and spoken about Hindi cinema and YRF’s cultural impact for over 50 years. Catch it on Netflix if you haven’t yet!

Check out love through the ages, watch the show to know more!