We may have torchbearers of women’s empowerment in our own lives, from our mothers who fought back against conservative practices, to friends who fought for us in times of need. Here is a list of actresses in Bollywood that have been the Torchbearers of Women’s Empowerment on screen.

Alia Bhatt who brought to life the story of a sex worker, not only charmed us with her acting but also how convincing she was as Gangu. Her performance truly made you empathise with her character, as she unearthed some issues that women faced in this profession. This makes her a torchbearer of Women’s Empowerment on screen!

Deepika Padukone

Deepika’s role in Gehraiyan truly contributed to paving the way for talking about mental health openly. Her character suffered from a mental illness and was also shown getting the required help for it. She also advocates for mental health, not just on-screen, but also off-screen. In a country like India, where this topic is usually brushed under the carpet, Deepika has always been the torchbearer of creating conversation around this.

Huma Qureshi

She is a strong woman off and on-screen, and her performance in XXL, resonated not just with the vast audience, but also with herself. As she shared that throughout her 10-year journey in the movies, she has been told that she doesn’t fit the “mould” of a conventional Hindi film heroine. And With her character, she brought to light the topic of body shaming, that women undergo. And for that, she truly is a torchbearer of Women’s Empowerment on screen.

Tapsee has always been known for her strong, women-centric films, be it Saand Ki Aakh, Thappad or Shahbash Mitthu. She takes on these inspiring roles, that portray women, not as helpless damsels in distress, but one that is fearless and ready to fight for what she wants and deserves. With all these movies and roles, she truly is a torchbearer of Women’s Empowerment on screen.

Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor recently delivered her strongest performance in Mili, a thriller that I am sure kept you hooked as well. In this film as well, we see her fighting some misogynist characters who are of the opinion that women should not wander off in the night. She braves through the cold and her performance impressed her fans and critics alike.

Shefali Shah

Shefali Shah is an absolute stunner on screen with her strong-headed roles. From playing a cop in Delhi Crime to a feisty mother in Darlings, she has shown us all that once a woman sets her mind on something, she is going to make it happen. It is a delight to watch this torchbearer of Women’s Empowerment on screen!

Rakulpreet in her recent film, Chhatriwali has widely propagated the idea of safe sex and the importance of sex education. And she does this, with a touch of laughter and entertainment, which makes her films more relatable to the audience. Her films have not just entertaining but also educational, making her a torchbearer of Women’s Empowerment.

These women have been inspiring people all over with their cinema, make sure you catch their next film on the big screen to get inspired!