The Pathaan and Tiger duo are all set to reunite, for Tiger 3. We know you loved watching Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan on screen together, in Pathaan. Watching them take on the bad guys, really brought back the Ram Ladkhan days and how! They will be uniting for YRF’s next film, as a part of their Spy Universe, Tiger 3, an action thriller starring Salman in the lead. I am very excited to catch the two, back in action. But getting to this was no easy task, as it took the team 3 months of planning to execute a fight scene between the two.

This is going to be a treat for all the fans of the two Khans, as Shah Rukh is set to enter the Tiger franchise through an adrenaline-pumping action sequence that will be shot for 7 days in Mumbai end of April! What’s insane to note is that this sequence has been planned by Aditya Chopra & Tiger 3 director Maneesh Sharma for over six months so that it can become a talking point for the nation!

When SRK & Salman’s sequence was planned for Pathaan, the makers realised that such cross-overs of super-spies will need to go a notch higher every single time it happens because that’s the biggest USP for audiences. So, the writer, Adi and Maneesh went into a huddle and took six months to write and visualise Pathaan’s entry in Tiger’s timeline! Every detail of this shoot has been planned keeping in mind that it needs to deliver full-on paisa vasool entertainment that is also a spectacle for the audience

I hope you’re ready for this action entertainer, that is all set to take the nation by storm! It also stars Katrina Kaif as Zoya & Emraan Hashmi as Tiger’s nemesis and is set to release this Diwali. Kursi ki peti baand lijiye, I’d say…