When we find out a fellow skincare junkie, especially a Bollywood celebrity ready to spill serums and oils, it’s a party of its own! Kriti Sanon showed us her double cleansing through her Instagram and this time she as dropped her Youtube video on a breakdown of her AM skincare regime. Sanon is that one girly pop, whose skin is always glistening and looking plump, on screen and off screen. As she talks about her favourite ingredients and gives us some skincare science, there are also some pro hacks that one cannot miss! Sanon’s mornings are full of hydrating, nourishing and brightening ingredients, read on to find out:

kriti sanon
source: instagram @kritisanon

Sanon starts off by using a hydrating face mask which she informs is not her everyday step, her mask comes out of the shelf on her hectic days to keep her skin hydrated and protected from sun. After cleansing her face and hands she applies the creamy mask all over her face, neck, including under eyes and leaves on for around 30 minutes. While the mask is masking, she loves sipping on a hot cup of lemon water.

To wash off the mask, Sanon first uses a sponge to clean it, followed by splashes of water. To pat dry the skin, Sanon swears by using a super soft microfiber face towel and leaving the skin slightly damp for a better absorption of upcoming products. In between her skincare shots, she shares her quick and cool home-hairstyle: a low lazy bun in a pony. It’s a fun and relaxing hairdo to chill in or finish off your skincare routine.

Sanon recommends, and rightly so to begin treating your skin with watery products followed by thicker ones like creams and oils. Sanon’s next step is a green tea toner, rich in anti-oxidants and niacinamide, that lends hydration and nourishment. A vitamin-C serum follows the toner. For Sanon, mornings are incomplete without some vitamin-c drops! She explains how it is brightening, fights free radicals, boosts collagen production and acts as a natural sunscreen.
Peptides and ceramides are the skin building proteins that have amino-acids and provide elastin to the skin, explains Sanon. Lastly, she gives us her personal hack of applying some lip balm on lips and dab some on crows’ feet near the eyes, to keep it nourished in the long run.

As a pro tip, Sanon suggests to never skip your eyelids while slathering the products as the eyelids are most prone to sagging with aging. Sanon keeps her routine minimal with fewer product layering and prefers an SPF which also acts as a hydrating moisturiser. Her last step is a sunscreen moisturiser infused with ceramides that is another ingredient she cannot go by. If she is stepping out, she would mix a tinted sunscreen too.