Sania Mirza was seen being a part of a panel discussing for Meta India, to celebrate 20 years of her career. It was during this discussion, she shared with the panel and the audience the judgements she faced as a young girl, trying to make it in this field. There were judgements about her skin tone, weight and a lot more. She shared how she got past that to become the sports icon that she is now.

Check out the video below…

Her winning attitude towards failures and unwavering determination is what make her a true champion. She also spoke about how these judgements affect young girls and creates insecurities among them. She says how she as well faced insecurities, but she grew up very fast and grew out of these insecurities. She never fears the question ‘what’s the worse that could happen?’, because she feels like she has already lived past it. And when she plays tennis now, she has no fear of losing and mentions how losing is a part and parcel of life.

It was truly inspiring and she truly left me in awe of er struggles and the way she overcame them.