Rupali Ganguly has always won hearts with her characters. May it be Monisha from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai in the past, or as Anupamaa. She is now a household name, that everyone seems to love, me being one of them! Her character Anupamaa has been an inspiration to many women, to stand up for themselves and pave a better path in their lives. In an exclusive, Rupali Ganguly spoke to the team of Miss Malini on how her character Anupamaa inspired her and what she has learnt from it. Here’s what she had to say.

Her mother and her sister were two women who inspired her the most, but apart from that, Anupamaa’s character has been the most inspirational woman in her life. She added,

While my mom and her sister and all the women I have grown up with over the years have always been a big inspiration to my life, my current most important inspirational woman in my life is Anupamaa! I want to thank this beautiful woman for teaching me the importance of self love, which is above all! She taught me that loving your family is definitely priority, but to not forget ourselves too!

Her character taught her, that as a mother and a wife, your priority should not just be your family, but also yourself. And how loving yourself, is equally important as loving your family. And in doing so, does not make you a smaller person. She also added,

If you feed yourself with love,only then will you be able to give that love to others.

Rupali Ganguly from the sets of Anupamaa

She also said that she is grateful for all the values Anupamaa has inculcated in her, and continues to do so, every working day. She also mentioned that the beauty of Anupamaa is that she transitions with time and situations while keeping her core value intact. That honestly, is a great skill to pick up. We all have a thing or two, to learn from her.