Superstar Nani‘s Pan-India film Dasara was released on the big screen on Thursday and since then the film has been garnering lots of praise. Yes, netizens have been calling the film an exceptional experience and have been comparing Dasara to KGF and Pushpa. With amazing reviews and so much applause, Nani’s film is also making big money at the box office. It had a great start on Thursday and opened to a gross worldwide collection of Rs 38 crores. Now with two days down, the film’s total collection stands at Rs 53 crores gross worldwide. Also starring Keerthy Suresh, Dasara has been released in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada, other than Hindi.

Watch Dasara’s trailer here:

Directed by debutant Srikanth Odela, the film is said to be Nani’s highest-budget film to date. While everyone has been raving about Nani’s performance as Dharani, director Srikanth Odela’s brilliant writing and the high production value of Sudhakar Cherukuri’s SLV Cinemas are also being quite lauded. Dasara is a story set in the late 90s where Dharani a young man steals coal for a living and while he has this rowdy side for him, his heart betas for his childhood sweetheart, Vennela who loves someone else. He gets the two married, however, Vennela’s husband gets killed and that sets Dharani on a crusade to find the culprits.

We recently spoke to Nani and in this exclusive interview he told us how the audience would experience Dasara, that’s exactly what is happening…

While in India, Nani’s film is being hailed as paisa vasool, even in the western markets it is being well received. Now, I wait to see how far and long Dasara’s victory march goes, honestly, I am rooting for it.