Is it just me or have you noticed these as well, plastered on hoardings all around the city? For those of you who haven’t spotted these already, here’s what’s happening. Mysterious hoardings with a message that reads ‘A secret that will shock the nation’ have been popping up all over the city and have left many looking for clues.

Mysterious Hoardings With Bold Messages About A Secret Shocking The Nation Popping Up All Over The City

No one yet knows what these could be about. With no recognisable names or faces on it, only adds to the suspense and speculation. Social media is buzzing with theories and predictions as everyone eagerly awaits the reveal of this enigmatic mission. Moreover, the hoarding promises a heart-pumping experience that’s assured to leave you at the edge of your seat. The marketing is surely very clever and has left everyone wondering. I hope the city is bracing itself for an adventure like no other when the secret is out!

The audience has no idea whether is it for a film, reality show, an OTT series or a brand. I can’t wait to find out this secret that promises to rock the nation.