Tom Cruise is back as he takes on another deadly mission in Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One. Tom is seen jumping off his bike amid mountains, setting the tone for what’s about to come. Are you ready to see Ethan Hunt save the day once again with his kickass power moves and gravity defying stunts? The film was announced in 2019 but was delayed due to the pandemic. The makers have finally dropped the trailer and it is all things good you want to see in a Tom Cruise film and is directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

Watch the trailer below…

In the trailer we see Tom Cruise doing what he does best, jumping off cliffs, fighting on train tops and fighting off the bad guys. This also happens to be the deadliest mission that IMF has taken on as he gears up to track down a weapon that holds the power to destroy everything and anything living. Apart from this, Tom’s character also has to take some crucial decisions that may decide the fate of his team mates. The stakes are high and so is the action quotient in the film. It is the seventh movie in the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise and also stars Nick OffermanRebecca FergusonVanessa Kirby and Hayley Atwell in pivotal roles.

Tom Cruise’s charm hasn’t dimmed one bit over the past 27 years that this franchise has been running, which makes it a must watch for not just his fans but everyone. The ‘Dead Reckoning Part One’ is set to hit the theatres on July 14. But hold on, this is only the first part of Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning, the second part of the film is set to release in 2024.

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