We’ve all at least once been mesmerised by Nora Fatehi‘s dance moves, and it would be a lie if one said otherwise. From O Saki Saki to Garmi, she’s always been the one to raise temperatures with her dance numbers, on the big screen. She’s got fans all over the world, but some make the special cut. Nora who is all set for her second performance at the IIFA Awards this year, was greeted by a die-hard fan while there.

Check out the video below…

A super fan of Nora, all the way from Tunisia finally got to meet her idol. The girl said that she has been attending all of Nora’s shows but never got a chance to meet her, until now. She finally came to Abu Dhabi for IIFA and saw Nora leaving and ran after her car. When the actress noticed this, she asked to stop the car and greeted the fan with open arms. She then got out of the car to talk to her and the girl was in tears upon meeting Nora.

Truly a star-struck moment that made me go all awwww. The girl also made a Tik-Tok video about her journey from Tunisia to Abu Dhabi, to meet Nora.