On MissMalini Superheroes, we bring you stories from industry professionals. This time we have with us Jubin Rajesh Desai, a celebrity manager who handles celebrities like Kiara Advani, Aayush Sharma to name a few. In an exclusive conversation with Shravan Shah, Content head, MissMalini, he talks about what it takes to stay in this industry, working with Kiara and watching her get married, and a few hopes and dreams. Read on to know more.

As a child when you were asked what you wanted to become, what was your typical answer?

As a child, I always wanted to become a director because my grandmother always told us stories. She used to make up these stories. And she used to tell us stories with background scores, and she would make sounds while narrating.

What was the first job you did and how did you land up there?

In college, I was not taught exactly what you wanted to become, especially in the entertainment field, unlike now. We didn’t have access or knowledge. I did BMM and then landed a PR job right after. I used to handle film PR and talent PR and my first film was Phir Hera Pheri.

There was the wedding that happened and it was very hush-hush, how did you react to every report that came in as a human being and Kiara Advani’s manager?

I think when I got to know it was an emotional moment for me and the team working with Kiara. We were so happy and emotional.

Jubin at Kiara Advani’s wedding…

There is a section of the media that reports every celebrity wedding and people want a sneak peek into that, but at the same time, the two people who are getting married want it to remain private. How difficult does it become at that time as a manager, to keep it under wraps, how of a play goes on in that?

I’ll be honest, there is no play. Her wedding was as pure as possible, and as an agency, we are professionals at the end of the day. There are personal equations with people and media and all of that, but apart we are professional at the end of the day. So when I am being professional, I believe and I assume that people who are opposite me asking questions are also being professional and respect it a lot. And to be honest, the media did respect Kiara during her wedding. There was no play.

During this entire journey, since the day you started, have you ever woken up and been like, am I on the right path or should I become the director that I thought I’d be?

Every person has their ups and downs, every day is different, and that’s actually the best part of this field. You don’t know what different you’re going to do tomorrow. Something new can come in, not come in. There are moments when I feel like this is not what I was supposed to do, but I’m still very sure that what I am doing is the best I can be doing. Over the past few years, I haven’t felt like I feel the need to shift.

How does someone not from the industry, how does someone cope with being involved but not being involved?

One of the most important features one needs, to be in this industry is to be patient. So when there is chaos going on behind you, let that chaos happen, and when you turn and face the chaos, at that time also just be patient. Do not overreact to situations, and do not speak or say without thinking at that moment. As a person, I’m very patient, and I believe things will be managed. I have never raised my voice on anyone or lost it on anyone.

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