John Krasinski is back with the last and final season of the show Jack Ryan, which has everyone hooked to their screens. Based on the characters from Tom Clancy’s books, Jack is a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst and army man who is requested by the US president to help assess the latest threat to the country. He has been assigned a mission that is deadly as ever and the trailer unwraps all that is coming for him.

Check out the trailer below…

The trailer starts off with the news that the president has been assassinated on foreign soil and they suspect the CIA’s involvement in it. Jack Ryan who has been assigned as the Acting Deputy Director now has to create a team of his most trusted colleagues and weed out corruption within the agency. What awaits him is a vast conspiracy involving a drug cartel and a terrorist cell. Things are about to get super dangerous as he takes on this deadly mission, but is there a mission Jack cannot take on? What steals the show for me is the action of course, but the humour in the show adds the perfect cherry to the cake.

The show is set to premiere on 30th June and it will be a six-episode action-packed series. Make sure you don’t miss out on this one!