I bet you and your friends at least once have wondered which of the Sex and the City character each of you were. The successful franchise was also made into a film, with two very successful parts. The show was later rebooted to give the fans a glimpse of their lives years after, cause can you really get enough of the life of the iconic four characters of Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York. Now here’s some great news for all the fans.

While Sarah Jessica Parker, Cythia Nixon and Kristin Davis retained their role in the reboot, Kim Cattrall decided to not be a part of the show due to differences with the cast. However, in an exciting turn of events, she is now all set to reprise her role as Samantha in the second season of And Just Like That for a cameo. The fans definitely felt her absence in season one and wanted to see her back on screen with the cast. Looks like their payers have been answered.

I cannot wait for her to bring back her wit and charm to the show as it was a treat to watch her character Samantha on-screen even if it may just be a cameo appearance.