Marvel movies are incredibly popular and have a huge following of fans. They consistently exceed expectations and leave us amazed, taking us on an emotional rollercoaster with each well-crafted film. Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed every Marvel movie I’ve seen and have been left in complete awe by their storytelling and visual effects making it such a delight to watch. They have announced many upcoming release dates and it has made the large fan base count days until we can finally see it.

Marvel recently posted on their website the upcoming release dates of the films and it is so exciting to see how much they have lined up in the coming years. Captain America: Brave New World to be released on 26th July 2024. Thunderbolts is to be released on 14th February 2025. An Untitled Deadpool Movie to be released on 3rd May 2024. Fantastic Four is to be released on 2nd May 2025. The exciting and fan favourite Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is to be released on 1st May 2026, and finally Avengers: Secret Wars is to be released on 7th May 2027. The fans have been so excited ever since the release date have been announced and cannot keep calm.

I am so excited for the coming years and as a huge MCU fan I cannot wait to watch these films and be mindblown by them.