To have to retell a story which is based on mythology can be quite a responsibility. With Adipurush, the pressure on Om Raut was not only ensure that the audience would see the actors as the characters but also that the mythological aspect would stay true in the movie too. Adipurush is the retelling of the Ramayana with a new-age twist. Prabhas as Raghav is believable as the Lord, Kriti Sanon as Janaki is a mesmerizing beauty who leaves you spellbound and Saif Ali Khan as Raavan is beyond impressive, owning every frame he appears in. However, as the movie proceeds, there come moments of shocking dramatization and cringe over the dialogue.

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Right from the opening scene, Saif Ali Khan as Raavan leaves you with goosebumps. This is definitely a character and an avatar I’ve never seen Saif in. Every time he’s on-screen, all eyes are on him! With the expectations already high after the impressive initial moments, gradually the low moments in the film crop up. Raavan’s Lanka is shown as a dark, gothic-inspired region with peeks of gold, which is an absolute inverse to what everyone knows of. Apart from the Lanka, small details like the Ashoka Vatika, where Janaki is taken after Raavan abducts her, look nowhere close to the most beautiful garden in the world, the hairstyles which most characters don and the attires seem modish, leave you wishing that the original aesthetics could’ve been stuck to.

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Prabhas has a way of making the audience believe that he is Raghav indeed The actor does an impressive job in the action scenes too. Sharad Kelkar does a remarkable job as he delivers the dialogues for Prabhas. Janaki as a character has layers, where one hand she is the docile, soft-spoken, obedient wife, and right after the abduction, the anger in her leads her to turn savage… or so is what her dialogues in the movie make us believe. Devdatta Nage, who plays Bajrang, makes the audience laugh in parts, but how I wish his character could’ve been developed more to match the traits of Pawan Putra. Sunny Singh as Shesh too was the surprise element, with some amazing skills displayed in the action scenes.

All in all, for the younger generation, the decent VFX and little Hollywood inspirations may make for quite an experience. For the ones who have read, heard or seen the versions of this mythology over the years, the chances of comparisons are higher. The colloquial dialogue is the major worrisome factor that may lead the audience to be disappointed. If you’re planning to watch this movie, do ensure that the visual experience is your major motivation to sit through this one.

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