In a recent interview with MissMalini Kajol, Kumud Mishra, and director Amit Sharma, spoke about “Lust Stories 2,” “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”, and the iconic actor Shah Rukh Khan. This interview engages in an open and sincere discussion with Shravan Shah from the MissMalini team. Additionally, Kajol reveals interesting insights about her early experiences in Bollywood and about her role in Lust Stories. The series of films will stream on 29th June on Netflix.

Kajol reveals things about her experiences and about a few of the films she has done. She spoke about how DDLJ isn’t DDLJ cause of her or Shahrukh only but also because of other factors including the audience. She also revealed the reason she did Lust Stories 2, how much it takes for her to say yes to a film. She speaks about her role as Kumud Mishra’s wife in the film. She said “Every film leaves a certain mark on you” and how one film of hers was shot for 7.5 years and no one even knows about that film and it was shot during the entirety of her 20s. The actress also revealed how the most important part of the film is the memories you make during the filming and the people you meet. Additionally, Amit Sharma also revealed some fun facts about shooting his film ‘Badhaai Ho’ which was extremely heartfelt. Kumud Mishra also gives some great advice on the industry and reveals a few of his thoughts and beliefs.

Overall, this interview was extremely insightful and is a must-watch especially because they reveal a lot about their personal experiences and give us so much more information about their beliefs and thoughts. This interview was full of laughter and very insightful to know more watch the video.