Jennifer Lawrence is making a comeback in theaters, taking on the lead role in a new comedy film. Sony is taking the movie to theaters by banking on Jennifer Lawrence’s star power and an incredibly unbelievable plot to ensure the success of their R-rated comedy. In recent years, comedies have struggled at the box office, and Lawrence has intentionally kept a lower profile. Nevertheless, Sony has invested heavily in distributing the film exclusively in theaters, hoping that “No Hard Feelings” will make a big impact at the box office.

The anticipated streaming release of “No Hard Feelings” is likely to occur on Netflix sometime in or after October this year, although there hasn’t been an official confirmation regarding the exact date. Typically, Sony films become available on Netflix approximately four to six months after their initial release, suggesting that the earliest possibility for the film’s availability would be in October of this year. Netflix is not the sole streaming platform with which Sony has a partnership. The studio also has a secondary streaming deal with Disney. As a result, “No Hard Feelings” will only be temporarily available for streaming on Netflix, as it will eventually move to another platform due to Sony’s agreement with Disney. However, the release details for “No Hard Feelings” on streaming platforms remain unknown.  Jennifer Lawrence, known for her lively personality that often brings laughter to talk shows and red-carpet events, is set to take on a new role in “No Hard Feelings.” This film marks a great start for Lawrence as it falls into the category of straightforward comedies, a genre that she has had relatively few experiences with throughout her career.

The trailer and posts on their social media have only increased my excitement for the film and I cannot wait to see what this movie is all about. 

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