Vijay Varma and Tamannaah Bhatia are ready to ignite the screens with their performances in Lust Stories 2, an upcoming release on Netflix. It marks the first-ever collaboration between the talented actress and actor. Interestingly, even before the teaser or trailer of Lust Stories 2 was released, rumours about Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma dating began circulating.

According to Etimes Tamannaah expresses her playful intentions to annoy Vijay Varma and reveals that she is actively brainstorming ideas for this purpose. The actress playfully discloses her desire to find ways to get under Vijay’s skin and admits that he possesses an exceptionally calm composure. Tamannaah clarifies that despite his on-screen portrayals in movies, Vijay is a personification of serenity in real life and is said to be the epitome of calmness. Vijay Varma expressed his concern about Tamannaah’s intense focus on workouts, stating that it dominates her daily routine to the extent that she sacrifices sleep to hit the gym. Despite his advice to prioritize a proper sleep schedule for a healthier lifestyle, Tamannaah insists on sleeping for only four hours and immediately heading to the gym. In response, Tamannaah justified her unwavering commitment to workouts by explaining that she cannot afford to miss them due to her significant food consumption.
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I am really looking forward to streaming Lust Stories 2 on Netflix and also knowing more about this duo in the future.