Arjit Singh has been known for his beautiful musical compositions and melodious voice. This time around. he has brought his magic o the big screen by recreating the magical song Pasoori, which was an absolute hit worldwide, originally sung by Ali Sethi. Sajid Nadiadwala and Namah Pictures’s ‘Satyaprem Ki Katha’ is constantly rising as the film is all set to release this week. After a successful trailer launch and music launch, the team is here with a love song that will sweep you off your feet. Check out Pasoori Nu below…

The song which was a hit among many was recreated and the lyrics were changed around to match the romantic energy of the film. This Kartik and Kiara starrer is set to bring the magical romance of the 90s back to its screens and I cannot wait to witness it. Arjit’s melodious voice and the on-screen chemistry of the two do make the perfect love song. The music is by Rochak Kohli and Ali Sethi while the lyrics of the song are by Gurpreet Saini and Ali Sethi. Ali Sethi seems to play a role in writing the lyrics as well as the music, to maintain its originality of it.
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However, it is seen that the audience so not very pleased with this recreation and would like to stick to the original. Do you also prefer one over the other? I personally cannot choose between the two.

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