Being a mother is no child’s play. Right from carrying a child, to raising one, there are a lot of challenges moms face and it becomes furthermore difficult to cope with all of those. With changing times, come changing needs, Sonam Kapoor takes us through those different needs of mothers and how with The Moms Co. all of these needs are met. As a new mom, these products not just cater to Sonam but also make for the perfect match for Vayu.

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The Moms Co. with its products for both mother and child, uses natural ingredients which assure the safety of both. In the fast-paced lives of moms, who handle work and home, these products make sure that you have one less thing to worry about. From The Moms Co. Natural Stretch Oils to Natural Age Control Night Cream for Moms and the Natural Baby Lotion for babies, there’s something for all moms’ skincare needs.

The best part about The Moms Co. is that they cater to every need of moms, right from pregnancy to birth and every other need even after that!