Vijay Varma is a phenomenal actor and is well known for his stellar performances in Darlings, She, etc. He has always given mindblowing performances and thereby has got a lot of hype and craze from the audience. His upcoming role in Lust Stories 2 is the most talked about currently and the audience awaits the release of the series. In this series, he is cast alongside Tamannaah Bhatia for his part of the movie .

Recently Vijay Varma reveals how he was extremely scared of ghosts and spirits. He also revealed how when he joined film school he felt like he knew the least about films and wanted to change that therefore he would have to sit back late at night and watch films, even horror films in order to overcome the fear for the love of cinema. He initially took a couple of friends but then to overcome he started to go alone because he loved cinema much more than his fear and needed to overcome it. It is quite surprising to hear that Vijay was scared of ghosts and that he needed to overcome it. It is extremely dedicated of him to specifically make sure he resolves the issue for his love for the cinema.

I am looking forward to Vijay’s role in Lust Stories 2 and know more about his character. I also hope he does more such revelations about himself which gives the audience and opens up more about such challenges he had to face.