Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 is a wild journey of feelings, chaos, and arguments. The house is like a battlefield with different types of interesting people, where they make tricky plans, surprising changes, and hurtful betrayals. The 12th episode of Bigg Boss OTT season 2 was just like that. Viewers had the power to kick out a contestant, and Bigg Boss punished others for breaking rules. It was full of unexpected and shocking moments.

Here are top 5 highlights from the latest episode-

1. Jad Hadid Has An Emotional Moment

Jadid Hadid gets extremely emotional as he was eating his meal made of premium ration and he casually offers a bite to Cyrus who is on the opposite team. Cyrus denies it as it was against the rules for him and this makes Jad extremely emotional as he thinks food shouldn’t be a punishment and remembers bad days from his childhood.

2. Aaliya Siddiqui Gets Evicted

The audience had made their decision between Jiya and Aaliya about who stays in the house. Bigg Boss also took opinions from the contestants as to who they thought would be evicted. All the contestants took Aaliya’s name and said extremely hurtful things about her which made her emotional and cry. Aaliya herself wanted to leave the house because she felt disrespected and hated. Later then, Big Boss announced that Aaliya has in fact got evicted and won’t be part of the house anymore. She parts ways with the rest of the contestants and wishes them luck.

3. Pooja Bhatt Gets Emotional

Pooja Bhatt also gets emotional and cries because she felt extremely disrespected and hurt. As a contestant of the losing team Pooja and her team members had to do household tasks like cleaning the washroom, cooking etc. While Pooja was on washroom duty she noticed that Aaliya has purposely left her used pad in the washroom. Aaliya said it was unintentional and she forgot but Pooja and the rest of the members are pretty sure it was intentional. During Aaliya’s elimination Pooja recalls this incident and gets extremely emotional and cries because of the disrespect she felt.

4. Jiya, Akankasha And Abhishek Break The Rules

 Jiya, Akanksha, and Abhishek were caught breaking one of the rules of the house which was discussing the nomination of others and who to evict next. They were discussing how each of them are ‘targets’ now, how Pooja Bhatt has power over others and their opinions. They also discussed how they think Falaq is a ‘weakling’ and how Bebika can be thrown out any minute now. Bigg Boss then gathered them in the common room and announced this talk between Jiya, Akannksha and Abhishek which caused chaos and everyone hated on them, this also caused the three of them to instantly get nominated for potential eviction. All contestants were extremely hurt from their statements and they didn’t want to talk to those three after everything they said Akanksha also backed off and denied speaking about things which made Abhisehk feel betrayed

5. Manisha And Bebika Get Into An Argument

Manisha and Bebika get into a big argument which initially started as a joke and banter but eventually escalated and caused a big fight between them. It initially started as a joke when Bebika told Falaq that she was the first girl Jad had his eyes on when he entered and Manisha got offended that Bebika never mentioned this to her when Bebika claims to. Bebika also called Manisha ‘diplomatic’ and said  ‘game starts now’ which really angered Manisha and made her lash out. Jad at the end of the episode tries to sort it out but Manisha only gets angrier at Bebika and tells her she doesn’t want to be friends anymore to which Bebika announces to everyone in the room that she is ‘flipping’ out. 

This episode has been a ride of emotions, it has had so many events unfold and more drama arise as the episode proceeds. It was extremely exciting and entertaining to watch this episode and I really want to know what more happens in the Bigg Boss house during this week, especially for ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ at the end of the week. This episode like every other previous episode in this current season has kept up to the expectations of the audience and just keeps getting better and more exciting to watch.