Here’s a Disney+ Hotstar show that had everyone on their toes by the end of Season 1 and waiting for Season 2. This Aditya Roy Kapur, Anil Kapoor and Sobhita Dhulipala starrer is based on the book by the same name, The Night Manager by John le Carré, which already has a show adaption starring Tom Hiddleston. The audience thoroughly loved the Indian adaptation of the show. The Night Manager Part 2 is now available on Disney+ Hotstar after a not-so-long wait. I binged watched it, and here’s what I liked and thought could have been better, about part 2 of this 3 episode-long series.

Check out the trailer below for a glimpse…

Things I Liked

1. The crisp writing

The screenplay writers really understood the assignment. The writing was crisp and delivered the right punches at the right time. Not many shows do well in their second season, but this one came back with a bang with its stellar writing. It was the writing that kept me hooked on to this action thriller show, episode after episode. The jokes were very well crafted to fit the personality of the character, which made them more impactful and funnier. Sometimes they even left you grinning.

2. Tillotama Shome

She absolutely stole the show for me. An undercover agent, who makes it her life mission to take down Rungta. Tillotama as Lipika really makes you root for her till the very end, and captivates you with her grit on-screen as an undercover agent on a mission, who also happens to be bearing a child. I would describe her acting as layered and power packed. She was exuding main character energy in every scene of hers.

3. Anil Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor pitted against each other

It was a treat to watch the two go from working together to being pitted against each other. The two characters after a point were so seamlessly existing together, that you forget that they are pitted against each other. The two together on screen took the bag for me, and I would absolutely love to see them in another show or film really soon. Anil Kapoor with his acting really makes you despise him, but then also leaves you in awe. The styling really adds the perfect oomph to his character, and I was an absolute fan. On the other hand, we see Shaan become Abhimanyu Mathur, you see his character match up to the grandness of Anil Kapoor’s in the show, and the unsaid friction between the two is one of the many things that keeps the show going.

What Could Have Been Better

1. Sobhita Dhulipala

Sobhita caught my eye but didn’t manage to keep me hooked on her. And for someone as captivating as her, it shouldn’t be a task. Manier times Sobhita could’ve pushed through and made an impact for me, but I guess the writers didn’t give her those punchy lines to uplift her character and make it shine through the stellar cast. I felt like her character could have given more and done more for the plot.

2. Length

The episodes could have been cut shorter to make the show even more crisp. There were also some loose ends like Sobhita and Anil’s son, who takes off in the first few minutes of the season and is never seen again, especially when Shaan and him were so connected.

3. Arms show scene

There was one specific scene that really threw me off. It was a set-up meant to show the arms buyers what the arms can do and it soon turns into a whole show in the desert. While all of this is happening, we see three dancers at the bottom of the scene and it almost jerked me out, due to its randomness.

Overall, it was a fulfilling watch and it surely packed a punch for me. All the characters are a delight to watch on screen, and by everyone I mean everyone. If action thrillers are your jam, catch The Night Manager Part 2 exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

MM Stars: 4/5