Prime Video is back with another show that will shake you in your boots. Their show Adhura is here to give you the right kind of chills. This Rasika Dugal And Ishwak Singh starrer is one of the few horror web series in India, making it a must-watch. The show, set in one of Ooty’s prestigious boarding schools, revolves around dealing with the evil of the past, in the present. But that is not all, it also changes everyone’s life connected to it.

Check out the trailer for this horror thriller below…

Here’s everything according to me, that makes it a must-watch:

1. A One Of A Kind Horror Web Series

A horror web series is not that common in India. We’ve seen a lot of horror films, but Adhura is here to change that. A supernatural story, about a boy in a boarding school in Ooty, possessed by a spirit. Many lives are about to change, as an alumni reunion is also set to take place at the backdrop of this. 

2. Strong Characters

Rasika Dugal and Ishwak Singh are some of the most stellar actors that OTT has to offer. These two powerhouses come together with Shrenik, a troubled student. While one plays Supriya, an empathetic counsellor who has troubles with her own past, on the other hand, we have Adhiraj, an alumni returning to his school after years, but what haunts them once again, is their past. We also have Vedant who is the troubled child in the show and is possessed by a supernatural spirit. I cannot wait to see how the three get out of this situation.  

3. Thriller Meets Horror 

This show will not only keep you on the edge of your seat but also send shivers down your spine. There are a lot of unsolved mysteries to be solved, along with a supernatural setup in an eerie location. The plot also focuses on topics like bullying. If you are someone who likes horror and thriller as a genre, this one is definitely a must-watch for you.

4. The Eerie Music

The music compliments the visuals of the show very beautifully. The blend of the two manages to hold you captivated, and glued to your screens. The eerie music goes well with the set-up of a child having to deal with supernatural powers, in a hill station, while the characters fight their own demons from the past.

5. Perfect Watch In A Gloomy July

Having a lazy Sunday? Or working from home this July because of the rain? Well, I’ve got the perfect fix for you. Catch Adhura starring Ishwak Singh and Rasika Dugal in the lead, only on Prime Video. The show is directed by Ananya Banerjee and Gauravv K Chawla; and is set to premiere on 7th July. It makes for the perfect watch tucked in your sheets, this gloomy July!

Make sure you’ve marked off the 7th of July to catch this horror thriller exclusively on Prime Video.