When you hear the name, Ranveer Singh, you think of this larger-than-life actor, who gives it his all in everything that he does. He stops at nothing less than doing the most. Sometimes don’t you look back and think, what is it that Ranveer Singh cannot do? We know what a stellar actor he is, and I bet no one can say otherwise. As this powerhouse of Bollywood celebrates his birthday today, here’s everything he’s aced apart from acting.

1. Singing his heart out

The actor took the mic to rap his heart out at the Meta event. He performed the song Jinklo, and I must say, it matched his vibe. He had the crowd grooving and how! The energy in the room was through the roof, dressed in Valentino Pink, this man truly knows how to steal the show with his energy.

2. Man vs Wild

He was among the few who were part of the show, Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls by his side. It was a treat to watch him on the show as he fearlessly took on this adventurous ride in search of a rare flower. He added the perfect amount of drama to keep viewers glued to the show.

3. NBA All Star

Ranveer has always been a sports enthusiast, from football to basketball, and even cricket. He doesn’t shy away from supporting his teams on Instagram. But what could be bigger than playing with people you’ve always admired on a court that big?! Well Ranveer got the chance to throw some hoops at the NBA All Star game and it was truly heartwarming to see him having the time of his life!

4. Kickass dancing

We always knew what a great actor Ranveer is, but we cannot leave behind the fact that he is also a great dancer. He always has the audience floored when he steps on the dance floor, from events to weddings, he is sure to steal the spotlight with his moves. Now here’s a collab you didn’t know you needed. He can get anyone grooving to any music. Now that’s real talent there.

5. Slays with his fashion sense

Some people may find it amusing, some may find it funny. But I am an absolute fan of Ranveer’s fashion game. It is always on point and his fashion sense truly sets him apart from the rest of Bollywood. From quirky prints to loud colours, from diamond studs to crisp blazers. Is there anything this man cannot pull off? All his outfits always leave me in awe.

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Wishing Ranveer Singh a very happy birthday and may he continue to be the grand entertainer that he is, for many more years to come!