Kajol starring in ‘The Trial’ has caught plenty of attention and praise from the audience for her strong role. Recently in an interview with MissMalini hosted by Shravan Shah, she reveals how she feels about the paparazzi culture and how it affects her. She opens up about her history with the paparazzi and how she reacts.

In the interview, Kajol spoke about how she got followed by the paparazzi on a scooter simply because they spotted her car in Bandra. She specifies how she wasn’t in a public place or anything and was randomly followed around. The actress expresses how she cannot even complain about this to the authorities as she is a star and she will be followed. Kajol also speaks about her airport looks and her loyal fan base in the interview. She was accompanied by Suparn Verma and Jisshu Sengupta who also spoke about the issues they face and their opinions on the same.

Kajol speaks about several interesting topics in this interview and also about her upcoming series which will be streaming on July 14th,2023. Watch this interview to know more details revealed by Kajol!