Right at the word ‘Bawaal’, the audience and fellow media mates already had their interests peaked. This Janhvi Kapoor and Varun Dhawan starrer directed by Nitesh Tiwari, is a love story of an unusual kind, which has more history than chemistry and definitely, a dollop of moral science too. The film quite smoothly touches upon sensitive topics with a blanket of comedy.

Check out the trailer of Bawaal:

Bawaal’s opening scene is a prelude to the ‘hero ki entry’ which sure does set the vibe of movie. Ajay Dikshit a.k.a. Ajju is quite image conscious and his standing in the society is of utmost importance to him. He is married to Nisha, who is smart, kind, humble, patient, until she is pushed to the brink. The marriage takes a sour turn right from day 1 causing a disconnect between the two. However, an unfortunate situation in school where Ajju is a teacher leads to the couple making a Euro trip. This costly trip turns out to be a life changing one for this husband and wife, teaching the viewers a few valuable lessons too.

Bawaal has it’s funny, emotional, dramatic moments making this film quite an entertaining one. The unusual way of storytelling teamed with some interesting dialogues and witty one liners can be refreshing for the viewers too. The second half may seems a little stretched, however, once you hit the end, all that you’re left with is a smile on your face and a sack full of life lessons that seems to be almost like the wake up call you didn’t know you needed.