Kareena Kapoor Khan, the actress is one of the most appreciated ones in this industry for her iconic roles over the years. Kareena Kapoor Khan has done many films over the years which are still wildly loved and appreciated by the audience. Kareena reveals why she is scared of watching her films and the reason why will surprise you.

In an interview with MissMalini, hosted by Shravan Shah, Kareena Kapoor Khan reveals that she is scared of watching her films and skips the screenings and premieres because she gets ‘anxious’ and ‘nervous’ so she waits for the release of the film, and then proceeds to watch it later. She feels that if she will watch the screening she will be her biggest critic. The actress also reveals how she reads positive reviews of her film and likes to know what the audience says. She speaks about her character of ‘Geet’ from Jab We Met and how the character was a ‘ray of hope.’

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It is always interesting to hear Kareena Kapoor Khan spill the beans about her personal life and other interesting facts about her previously played characters. She always embodies her characters perfectly and impresses the audience with her stellar performances. I am looking forward to seeing Kareena on the big screen!